Project Finance & Investment

AVA Energy is committed to ensuring that the best people are positioned within top companies to help us prevail over this challenge faced by the industry.

Money is a common barrier for entry when a new technology emerges; however, with the world’s attention turning to an imminent climate crisis, investors of all kinds are finding creative solutions to overcome these barriers and solve these issues.


It is anticipated that by 2030, investments into renewable energy will be more than $3 trillion, and finding this money will be the first stepping stone towards a greener and more environmentally friendly society. With money at the core of most investors interests, ensuring these ventures are profitable benefits not just the recipients, but future investors as well.


At AVA Energy, we work across the entire investment & financing spectrum to deliver unrivalled talent to the leading players, including: Investment Banks, Private Debt & Equity Funds, Financial Advisors, M&A Boutiques, Developers, IPPs & Utilities.


Our focus covers the entire investment vertical:


Project Finance
Investment Management
Business Development/Coverage
Private Equity/Venture Capital
ESG/Impact Investment
ESG Policy (TCFD compliance)

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CONTACT THE Project Finance & Investment TEAM

AVA have assisted us with a number of business-critical hires into our investment team, including the increasingly difficult Analyst & Associate hires. The candidates we received were spot-on, of high calibre & also ticked the culture box. We very much look forward to continuing the relationship.

– Head of Investments,

Private Equity Fund


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