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Children are our future and one day will be the ones looking after our planet. We need to encourage and engage them with the natural world so they can cherish and protect it for future generations to enjoy. When we connect with nature there are a multitude of benefits for us both physically and mentally. For children, these benefits increase even further as their levels of confidence, creativity, well-being, curiosity, and happiness rise dramatically. Through engaging with nature, a life-long love of learning can be sparked into action and amazing things can develop.

At AVA, we are daily concerned about the current environmental trends. In order to ensure our children, respect the environment and grow up connected with nature, we have collaborated with a new collective conservation venture, Tales from Mother Earth, who are producing a range of audio/picture storybooks for children 3-10 years, that highlight the plight of our wildlife with an aim to ignite the conservationist in all of us – especially children

By engaging with Tales from Mother Earth storybooks, we aim to raise awareness among the young (3-10 years), as to the current threats our wildlife is facing from erosion of natural habitat, climate change and plastic pollution. Phoebe the Bee, the first title in our Tales from the Countryside series, is an educational tale about a worker bee who through her courage and determination manages to save the hive and her family when her natural environment is threatened by modern development.

Bees are such an important and vital part of our ecosystem that they have been given the title of ‘the most important living species on the planet’ by Nat Geo & Earth Watch, London 2019. Sadly, across the world, bees are in decline and by collaborating with like-minded organisations, we are delighted to be able to reach out to children in this way and allow them to recognise that they can help. Through learning about nature and conservation now, children can feel empowered to not only help the wildlife in their area but also to help themselves feel better about their future.

This is our collective mission as we continue to strive to reconnect children with nature and open their eyes to the wondrous world that surrounds them. Through our touching series of realistic animal and insect stories, we hope to ignite the conservationist in all of us by empowering us to help in some way…especially children.

We are delighted to donate some books to primary schools in the UK in helping the next generation comprehend how they can help our troubled wildlife and reconnect with nature. We are hoping to make a difference and support their understanding of the natural world.

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