Power Generation recruitment is one of the core specialisms of AVA Energy.

The conventional power plants sector is expected to continue growing until 2030. Combined with increasing demand for electricity, power plant construction projects are being fast-tracked, creating a shortage of skilled professionals and a fight for talent on a global scale.

The industry is also experiencing intense technological development to meet new regulations. Technologies such as CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) plants reduce CO2 emissions and simplify the start-up process, increasing efficiency by reducing the time to generate.

Our success results from an understanding of these factors combined with a highly effective working model that sees each specialist consultant focusing on a specific client sector, candidate niche and location. This approach differentiates us in this competitive market and enables our consultants to be real experts with invaluable local knowledge.

Some of the power teams specialisms include the following skill-sets:

•Operations & Maintenance

•Temporary/ distributed power

•Installation & Commissioning