Nearly everyone in the world is working from home because of the new directive of social distancing which serves as a significant measure to mitigate the spread of the disease. This means that recruitment agencies are going about their daily activities in a totally different way. From talent search to the interview and onboarding process, social distancing is impacting recruiting in a variety of ways. This article will be highlighting the changes we are likely to see at the different recruitment stages during this period and how we have incorporated some of this change at AVA to keep providing our clients & candidates with uninterrupted service:


The first change is how companies find candidates. Due to social distancing, many are pulling back on national or global advertising, limiting their geographic search. They look locally first, focusing on their city rather than flying someone in. Jobs are beginning to be location-based which is not a new thing, but we foresee the increase in this kind of job. For us at AVA Energy, we are supporting our clients with niche, temporary or permanent staffing solutions, no matter how unique and urgent.


The interview process is also changing, going from in-person to video platforms like Zoom. Video interviews not only makes it possible to keep the hiring pipeline moving, but it also upgrades the candidate experience and boosts the employer brand.

How a company adapts its interview process can be a clue to its culture. Job seekers recognize that when organizations put safety protocols in place, they’re putting their employees first. Whether pre-recorded or live, virtual interviews are highly interactive. Recruitment professionals can assess gestures, expressions, engagement and body language as easily online as in person, as can candidates.

We have also adopted our interview process to happen remotely, we are helping our clients in this and helping our candidates prepare for interviews as this might be new for some people. At AVA, our main aim is to find the right fit for both our clients & candidates


Once a candidate is hired, the onboarding process is becoming virtual, too. “Onboarding is about bonding and managing emotions day to day, and when you’re dealing with working remotely, it creates a challenge,” Some companies are using VR technology to give candidates a tour of the facilities and having regular video conferencing, Some companies are also ensuring consistent digital engagement using regular communication channels such as Slack, WhatsApp and others. Making a new employee feel welcome in this period requires clear communication.


There is a huge shift in working, interviewing, and hiring. It requires a greater level of trust, understanding credentials, and managing personalities and relationships. As business moves to online recruiting, they reap many benefits beyond safety for their recruiters and job seekers — and this may augment their existing strategies with a virtual component.

For us at AVA Energy, it is business as usual, we are working at home while providing quality and uninterrupted service to our clients & candidates.

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