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Oil Spill Specialist

Position description
10/06/2018 Last update date
01000784 HR4U position n°
Exploration & Production Branch
EP/AF/AO-TEP/DHSAP/AH Organizational unit
Situation within the organization
Não Delegation of authority
- The Job holder is a key authority for Total E&P Angola for all Oil Spill Preparedness and Response related issues: technical support for real oil spill events, training of personnel, drills and exercises, identification and maintenance of oil spill response equipment, products and materials, issuing and updating of reference documents - The Job holder is part of the DHSAP/AH team inside DHSAP Direction and can be requested to promote HSE and support to other entities - The position is rotational and is based in Luanda, Angola, with occasional visits to offshore installation or other sites as necessary.
- Provide expertise for the implementation of the TEPA Oil Spill Preparedness and Response system: Proposal of suitable oil spill response strategy offshore and onshore and required equipment; Development and implementation of oil spill contingency plans and response organization Development of specific instructions for the set-up and management of oil spill response operations on the field (offshore and onshore) and for the operation of the equipment (boom, skimmer, power pack, etc.); Development of coastal sensitivity maps and coastal sensitive site protection; Keep up to date the list of all oil spill preparedness and response resources (people, equipment); Ensure maintenance of TEPA all oil spill equipment and Provide data for the periodical oil spill preparedness and response reporting - Provide expertise for the choice and use of oil spill response equipment: Proposal of the most suitable technical solutions to implement oil spill response strategies; Purchasing of oil spill response equipment and materials: scope of work, call for tender, etc.; Storage, maintenance and test of oil spill response equipment: program definition, supervision of operations - Train TEPA personnel in Oil Spill Response, especially according to IMO1, IMO2 and IMO3 standards: Training program of all personnel involved in the oil spill response strategy; Involvement in the Advanced Command Pos and Crisis management Unit training sessions; Involvement in the Total E&P Angola annual Full Scale Exercise (FSE) - Involvement in the “pollution related” incident analysis; Regular exercises on the field (offshore, in port area, on the shoreline) including the deployment of oil spill response equipment, based on realistic scenario from the risk assessment. - Provide technical expertise for the definition and set-up of specific tools for managing oil spill incidents: Environmental Sensitivity Maps;GIS; Oil spill modelling and behaviour; Oil slick surveillance; Contacts and available equipment databases (Tier 2); Maintenance of CMU dedicated tools for Oil Spill Planning and management tools. - Assist TEPA for the Tier 2 & 3 preparedness: Assistance for contacts with members of ANG-212 ; Participation in ACEPA meetings when required; Assistance for contacts with Angolan authorities for the Implementation of the “National Oil Spill Contingency Plan”; Assistance to TEPA with contacts with Tier 3 oil spill response service providers (e.g. OSRL and others).; Set-up of the Tier 2 & 3 external assistance mobilization and coordination mechanisms. - Assist TEPA during real oil spill events: Assist to proceed, through the Head of Department Environment and Health or HSE Director in his absence, to the information of the national authority (HSE Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Petroleum) in case of pollution by more than 1 barrel; Provide technical expertise, during a crisis involving accidental oil pollution, to the CMU (crisis management unit, in Luanda); Where appropriate and required, ensure, on the field (offshore and onshore), technical advice, in assistance to the "On Scene Commander" for the management of oil spill response operations.
Context and environment
Total E&P Angola activities include 4 operated FPSOs in deep offshore fields on B17 (Girassol, Dalia, Pazflor, CLOV), B32 FPSOs (North and South), drilling rigs, support vessels, other blocks to be developed in the future and onshore support sites including Industrial and logistic bases.
Approval date:
10/06/2018 Approval date:
Holder name:
Mario-antonio MANUEL Hierarchical responsible name:
- The job holder will assist TEPA to ensure an adequate level of oil spill preparedness and response is set-up, maintained and developed (when new developments / new installation are implemented): oil spill contingency plans, coastal sensitivity maps, purchase and maintenance of oil spill response equipment, training of people, drills and exercises. - The job holder will act as oil spill response advisor for TEPA in real oil spill (either within the Crisis Management Unit at Luanda or with the On Scene Commander on the site of the spill).
Qualification / Experience required
- Thorough practical knowledge of oil spill contingency planning; oil spill response operations offshore (aerial surveillance, containment and recovery, dispersant spraying) and onshore (protection, oiled shoreline assessment, shoreline cleanup); oil spill response equipment offshore and onshore (choice and operating and maintenance system). IMO OPRC level 1 and 2 oil spill response training accreditation - Effective communication skills including the ability to train and coach staff and contractors - Good report writing skills and competence in the use of MS Office business suite of programs. - Knowledge in Geographic Information System (consultation of information, basic modifications). - English speaking and writing. French and/or Portuguese appreciated.





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