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Offshore Wind Consents Lead

•             Lead the Development workstream for the various permitting and consenting activities,

•             Line manage the Project Developer and Onshore Consents.

•             Full responsibility for offshore consent delivery in order to acquire required consents thereafter, discharge offshore consent requirements and marine licence conditions

•             Prepare documents regarding the planning of consenting process for both the offshore and onshore parts of the projects.

•             Manage engineering companies and consultancies for permit related works as agreed with Project Director.

•             Lead on consent compliance for offshore, collate and maintain the relevant information and liaise with statutory authorities, package managers and contractors

•             Involved in environmental R&D initiatives including establishing processes with stakeholders this may include environmental impact studies via the relevant associations

•             Principle liaison and negotiation with the environmental stakeholders to maintain and secure necessary commercial agreements for the development & construction phases,

•             Represent specific project’s and Northland Power within relevant developer forums and associations in order to maintain an up-to-date understanding of the current environmental best practice, consenting framework and strategic opportunities.

•             Input into strategic consultations produced by external statutory consultees, or research and monitoring projects, where relevant to your specific project or market

•             Provide input and overview to consenting process which will take place after the EIA approval and other major permits have been obtained.

•             Supporting wider offshore Business Development activities (advice/ guidance rather than actual delivery).


Who you are:

  • Methodical and organised: you naturally work in a methodical way and relish the opportunity to add structure and order to your work. This will help with the competing priorities you will be managing;
  • Collaborative: You build relationships easily and enjoy working as a team to get things done;
  • Diligent: Your solid attention to detail will ensure that project documentation is accurate and you follow up with others where needed to ensure outstanding information or actions are complete;
  • Independent: You are an independent thinker and naturally set your own timescales and milestones to ensure you meet your objectives. You know when you need to ask for help and are comfortable doing so
  • Flexible: You are agile in your approach to your work
  • Pragmatic: You are hands on and love getting involved in the detail
  • Resilient: able to navigate the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of project development





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