About Us

About AVA

AVA Energy is a leading global energy recruitment agency.

Our global reach enables us to offer our clients access to the very best candidates and our candidates the opportunity to develop a global career search exclusively with just one agency.


AVA provides the complete Human Capital Management solution across the full energy market from upstream concept identification, exploration & production, to midstream transportation, storage and commodity trading, through to downstream retail and consumer channels.


At AVA we recognise that not all clients are the same and that bespoke solutions are required to match each specific need. Our operating model has two key elements which enable us to effectively build long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates:

Consultant Focus: acting as a single point of contact, each consultant has a clear niche to ensure genuine expertise and a consultative approach to their specialist market.


Candidate Attraction Model: a multi-level headhunting approach. Our strategy is to partner with the top 50% of the market in regard to our clients, giving us room to access a network of skilled professionals that our partners may not have interacted with within the market.


We are increasingly concerned with current environmental trends. In order to ensure a safe world for our children, teaching them to respect the environment and grow up connected with nature, we have collaborated with a new collective conservation venture, Tales from Mother Earth.

Tales from Mother Earth are producing a range of audio/picture storybooks for children 3-10 years, that highlight the plight of our wildlife to ignite the conservationist in all of us – especially children.

The next generation is our future, and will one day be the ones looking after our planet. We need to encourage and engage them with the wonders of the natural world so they can learn to cherish and protect it for future generations to enjoy. We believe this to be a collective mission and by working with organisations like AVA Energy Limited, who understand the importance of educating the next generation, we stand united.

-Jenny Bailey,

Tales from Mother Earth


We stand on the side of what’s right. As good corporate citizens, we operate today in a way that helps cultivate a bright tomorrow.

Our dedication to sustainability is part of our company’s DNA.

We’ve always had a strong sense of purpose and responsibility. That’s why we’re dedicated to doing our part to make our world a better place and we invite you to see for yourself what we’ve been up to.


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